We Unexpectedly Scored A Van

Apparently I had been shootin' ball right beside this van for the past three snowless seasons. (I shoot on a different court in the snow.) I must've laid eyes on it thousands upon thousands of times when you consider how many times I would look at it each session I rolled on up to the court to toss buckets.

Well, either July 1st or 2nd, the light bulb went off as the alarm bell sounded...

"Ding - ding - ding! Oh shit, there's a fatty, fatty van that's been staring me in the face for a long-ass time, and I've just been too stupid to realize it. I'm gonna message these guys. Shit, 'magine that. Daaaaamn..."

That's pretty much, word for word, what went through my head.

I messaged them on July 3rd to see what the story was. From what they said, it seemed like it could be a thing in my future. I asked if I could check it out, and they said sure. In my head, I took that as a more promising implication.

It's an old wheelchair van that's all emptied out except one little bench seat. There was a For Sale sign in it. That was a good sign too.

An old school hometown bro popped over to my place on July 5th. Ryan's a mechanic-y guy who has also done Dead Tour back in the day, and can appreciate a good van, so I showed him the photos while talkin' about this van. While we were talking about it, the light bulb went off again, and I asked him if he'd wanna check it out with me. He asked where it was, and I said... "Right there at the park."

He was totally into it.

We talked with the owner, and plainly enough, it is now our van. I paid him that night, and went into town to get the paperwork sorted the next day on July 6th.

Just like that, Fennario and I have a new ride.

Sometimes, I guess you'll never know the little kind nuggets out there unless you poke into it.

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