Worth All The Time...

The way that I couldn't help staring at Michelle because I was so taken by her...

The world just stopped!

It was crazy how everything disappeared, and time stood still. There was nothing else around me. It was only her. I keep coming back to these two words...

"Shimmering elegance."

I don't know how else to say it. When I look at images of it all in my mind, and those inevitable words come to mind, I kind of get upset with myself, and ask myself,

"How can I still be this stupid, and not know better words, because shimmering elegance is kind of insulting for the image that I've always seen?!"

I've always seen this touch of the true divine. Maybe that's a better way to put it, but perhaps the easy thing to say is that even in her passing, I'm still stuck in frozen time when I simply look at only images in my mind.

Those images can make me stop everything to sit and write when my world is crumbling down around me, and I'm getting swallowed up. Time is impossible. I'm feeling the weight. It doesn't matter...

Michelle's shimmer stops me still.

I can't help it. If I want to define this person in one word...

Shimmering - Yes!

Astonishing? - Yes!

Beautiful? - Yes!

Elegant? - Yes!

Otherwordly? - For sure!

Glowing? - You got it!

Divinity? - 100%

I can keep going, but are you seeing a pattern here?! How do you turn all of those into one word?

Ethereal? - Not good enough!

So what's left?! It can become quite easy for me to get stuck on this thought when I stare into my mind and let her images carry me away.

Michelle, I'm so thankful for you. I love every tiniest little bit of my experience with you. I love you in my mind. I love you in my heart. I love you in my time. I love the way you have permeated my being...then, now, and everything in between.

I love that I can carry you with me. You made me feel so lucky to share with me your time. I still do. I always will.

Some days are hard, and the rest are impossible, but my feeling of love has been growing and growing in an exponential way that is void of definition.

So, even when there is none, I take the time, I stop the time, I find the time, I make the time, I become the time...

Michelle is worth all the time!

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